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MIRS 30.10 Program Upgrade from 30.00

Click on the link below to download the MIRS 30.10 upgrade.
This download is not a complete software product and it works only for existing customers who are using MIRS version 30.00.


  • You must already have the full version of MIRS 30.00 installed.

  • You or your IT person will need unzip capability (WinZip or equivalent).

  • You will need the password for unzipping the version 30.10 upgrade.  Obtain the password from MIRS technical support (734) 973-3000.


1. Backup: Make a database backup of your data using the Utilities > Backup and Restore > Backup option in MIRS.

2. Download:  Click on the first of the links directly above to download the MIRS Version 30.10 upgrade file (a zip file called and save it to a folder such as C:\MY DOCUMENTS\TEMP.

3. NOTE: If you are using Chrome or a Chrome-based browser such as Edge, you may get "File is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous".  To proceed, click on the selection list button to change "Discard" to "Keep".

4. Extract: Unzip the contents of the downloaded file ( into your MIRS folder.  If you do not know where your MIRS folder is, right click on your MIRS icon and select Properties. The "Start in" shortcut property is the folder path. When prompted, enter the upgrade password.

5. Chemical Data: If you have the Chemical List Extension, you can also download the Chemical List Extension and extract it into your MIRS folder as well. You can also optionally download the Chemical Formulas and Structures.

6. Run MIRS: After the files are unzipped, run the MIRS program.  The program will update databases and index files.

7. Done: When these procedures are complete, you can use the new version of MIRS.  Please read important information about the program changes in the New and Improved document (see Help > Reference Manuals in MIRS)



You must already have the full version of SDS NETVIEW 30.00 installed.


Essentially the same as for the MIRS upgrade with the following exceptions.

  • The file name for the SDS NETVIEW upgrade is

  • The extraction password is different than that for the MIRS upgrade.

  • Extract the files into your SDS NETVIEW folder (it may be the same or different from your MIRS folder).

  • You do not need to download the chemical list extension files again.

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