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Streamlines development of a multilingual SDS database in OSHA GHS, WHMIS GHS, STPS2015 GHS (Mexican), and REACH GHS formats.


SDS Module


The SDS Module helps companies comply with the OSHA Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard. The SDS Module can be used with other MIRS™ modules to provide a comprehensive database of the chemicals at your facility for EPA SARA Title III and OSHA HazCom compliance.

The SDS Module lets a company maintain a database of safety data sheets (SDS). These SDSs can be in OSHA-standard format (current GHS compliant and original) as well as Canadian, Mexican, European Union GHS formats, or a scanned image of the SDS.

Multi-language support allows for Danish, Dutch, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish SDSs.


The SDS Module also generates predefined GHS or custom hazard warning labels.

SDSs can be produced on demand for a wide variety of criteria, based on any and all SDS fields entered. SDS output can be directed to screen, printer, PDF, text file, or to HTML (Internet/Intranet) format.

SDS Authoring Key Features:

The MIRS™ SDS module offers many features that ease the task of authoring and distributing SDSs. You can create SDSs with text built entirely out of selected phrases or you can enter free-form text.


Use the SDS Authoring Wizard to quickly generate new SDSs:


  • Enter the ingredients and the Wizard will generate the SDS from available data.

  • SDSs are generated from the supplied library of 56,000 phrase-based SDSs of pure chemicals and/or from other SDSs you have previously authored.

  • Three levels of user verses Wizard phrase selection decision making are available.

  • Phrases are ranked and classified to aid automatic phrase selection.

  • The Wizard learns from previous user phrase selection decisions to improve automatic phrase selection.


You can also author SDSs through an easy to use data entry window. The MIRS™ SDS module provides many selection lists which speed the creation of SDS documents:

  • Regulated chemical database with many US, Canadian, European and other regulatory/national inventory lists.

  • DOT Hazardous Materials Table, GHS Classifications, RCRA code list, etc.

  • OSHA PELs and other occupational exposure limits.

  • Acute toxicity animal test results and ecotoxicity aquatic species test results data.

  • Extensive customizable phrase library, including GHS H and P phrases as well as ANSI recommended phrases.

The SDS module also supports flexible SDS content.

Creation of GHS SDSs in US OSHA 2012, Canadian WHMIS 2015, and European Union REACH formats.

  • Include trade names, part numbers, container sizes, VOC and HAP/volume content, reference numbers, RTECs numbers, UPC/EAN numbers, many optional physical properties, and more.

  • Ample user-defined fields to add both fields and field labels in each SDS section.

  • Include your company's logo.

  • Include standard HazMat labels, such as GHS, HMIS III, NFPA or create your own.

  • Standard policy information or disclaimers.

  • Special features such as European Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) generator.

  • Legacy support for archived old OSHA 9-part formats and old ANSI, Canadian, and European formats.

  • Easily update older 9 or 16-part MSDSs to GHS SDSs.

MIRS™ provides dozens of options to customize your SDSs appearance, ranging from fonts, print size, and spacing, to colors, graphics, and characters.

The SDS module also offers flexible means of distribution:

  • View or print.

  • Print SDSs in any of the various formats, as well as GHS, NFPA, HMIS III or custom labels.

  • Create PDFs or text files.

  • Send via fax or email.

  • Export SDSs to HTML for publication on the Internet.

  • Export to an XML (internet data) file, and upload to site that reads SDS XML files.

Also, you can add-on the following modules:

CLE Module

The CLE (Chemical List Extension) is an add-on module to SARA, FORM_R, SDS, AIR, WASTE, or NPDES. The CLE greatly expands the SARA chemical database for identifying and cross-checking multiple agency lists.

CLE provides an integrated 220,000+ chemical library to expedite entry of chemical ingredients, and cross reference for more than 100 agency lists, including US EPA SARA, CAA, CWA, TSCA, ODC, Canadian NPRI, IDL, DSL, European REACH, many other national inventory lists, and various state lists such as CA, MI, NC, NJ, NY, PA, WI.

CLE Monthly Updates: You can enable automatic downloading of regulatory list updates at the beginning of each month to keep up-to-date with the latest additions, changes, and deletions from the regulatory lists.


The OSHA HAZCOM module is an add-on to the SDS module. OSHA HAZCOM tracks data for the full range of OSHA hazard communication compliance:

  • Employee training.

  • Incident and event tracking.

  • Chemical exposure reports.

  • Illness and injury reports, including the OSHA 301, OSHA 300 and 300A. Electronic reporting of OSHA 300A for 2017 and later.


This add-on to SDS module covers OSHA HazCom and Employee Right-to-Know issues with a robust PC-based compliance tool. Provides company employees with read-only access to the electronic SDSs through your company's local area network. Allows 10 concurrent users. More users can be added as required.


​Add-on to SDS module automates SDS printing for manufacturers and suppliers required to include SDSs with their products.

  • Interfaces with order entry to print ready-to-mail SDSs.

  • Tracks customers associated with each SDS.

  • Automates remailing of updates based on selected criteria.

An SDS On-Demand Wizard provides any easy way to fulfill requests for SDS(s) from your customers. SDSs can be emailed, faxed, or printed for mailing hard copy.

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