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Ann Arbor, Michigan based, A V Systems, Inc., incorporated in 1981, is a pioneer in the environmental compliance software field. Founding members combined extensive backgrounds in applied computer technology in the pharmaceutical, chemical and private industry, as well as 32 years legislative compliance experience gained with the EPA.  Since 2018 the current officers with over 35 years of MIRS™ experience work hands-on to ensure a quality product. 

In 1988, the company developed its flagship product, MIRS™ (Material Inventory Report System) as a DOS-based data management system, to address compliance issues of the EPA SARA Title III Section 312 and Section 313 regulations, which came into effect in 1987. Modules covering other EPA or OSHA regulations were added in subsequent years as the respective regulations came into place. The program was soon upgraded to a Windows version.


The current (January 2022) MIRS™ Version 28.00 for Windows 10 / 8 is distributed by website download, on CD, or through the MIRS-Online™ service and offers features such as wizards, e-mail integration, and web display capabilities. The company prides itself on the comprehensiveness and flexibility of its product offerings. Today, the MIRS™ software package provides modules that cover the full range of EH&S management and compliance reporting mandates: SARA, RCRA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and OSHA Hazardous Communications (including SDS authoring and tracking). The product functions and features have also been highly regarded by our customers, as well as the industry.

Since the reporting year 1988, MIRS™ has been the only software on the market to receive EPA approval* for its FORM R report each year before the submittal deadline. (* while the EPA no longer has a formal approval process, MIRS™ generates electronic formats identical to EPA standards for SARA reporting). 

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: MIRS™ is a fully supported software program, featuring routine regulatory updates and unlimited telephone and email consultation with an experienced technical representative. The annual (biannual for those with FORM R) program updates ensure timely compliance with EPA and OSHA reporting requirement changes, as well as new features and other program enhancements.

A PROVEN SOLUTION: From the first stand-alone module to the more than 20 offered today, MIRS™ has been successfully used by thousands of facilities across the United States. In fact, our company's very first client, who began using MIRS™ in 1988, remains a client today. 

NOW AND IN THE FUTURE: Since A V Systems began developing and producing MIRS™, many competing software packages have merged or gone out of business entirely. Not only has A V Systems supported MIRS™ clients with timely regulatory updates and feature enhancements, but A V Systems has also performed numerous data conversions from existing and outdated software packages into MIRS™. These data conversions save companies valuable data entry time and effort, and help them maintain compliance with the OSHA Right-to-Know regulations, which require that hazardous chemical information be available for 30 years. 

A V Systems, Inc., top rated by Dun and Bradstreet in its category is wholly dedicated to addressing the data management and regulatory compliance needs of Environmental, Health & Safety professionals through its modular and integrated software. 

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