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MIRS Online

Access all MIRS™ modules in the cloud through Remote Desktop Connection with the same level of support as locally installed MIRS™ (see Annual Support below).

  • No software installation or updates required; we do that for you on the cloud server.

  • Work from your current location, home, or on the road. MIRS Online™ is available from any location with high-speed Internet access.

  • MIRS Online™ data is secure, protected, and backed up.

  • There are no up-front costs and no other maintenance costs associated with MIRS Online™.

  • Minimum initial commitment is twelve months.


Annual Support & Update

With annual support you’ll receive unlimited email and phone technical support from a senior level technical support representative; and at least one full version update, incorporating the latest regulatory changes and program enhancements.

With the CLE (Chemical List Extension), monthly regulatory list updates are also available. The Regulatory Specialists keep the various supported regulatory lists up to date. At the beginning of each month, the program downloads the list updates, removing the burden from you.


Custom Data Import


This service option provides one-time import of existing EHS information into MIRS™ database for smooth installation and start-up of MIRS™

Save your valuable time by having your existing data (whether from another in-house program or spreadsheets) imported directly into MIRS™.


Data Conversions


Much like the Custom Data Import, the Custom Data Conversion is a service option in which A V Systems programmers convert data from other programs to MIRS™. This preserves valuable information and saves countless data entry hours.


Because A V Systems has considerable experience and expertise in this area, we are able to provide most data conversions at a cost less than that of one software module. 

A V Systems has performed successful data conversions from many existing and outdated systems, including:

CHEMTOX®; EHS/Lifecycle, HAZ/TRAK, OSHA-Soft/Achieve! Technology; HAZ/TRAK / The Hawkwa Group;

Rainbow MSDS/Pro-Am Software; HITS; HAZOX/HAZOX Corporation 


Software Customization


If a feature that you desire is not present, A V Systems can and does implement custom feature changes upon customer request.


Additional cost may be involved depending on the general applicability of the requested feature. In that case a quote will be provided after the feature specifications are determined.

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